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Life is long, and getting longer

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Life is long, and getting longer.  We seem to outlast our cash, professions and sometimes our wits these days.  Something just has to be done about the way we approach the other end of life.  As my mother (88) says  ”I didn’t think I would live this long”

I asked one of my friends how she would like to die and she said “At the hands of a jealous woman, after I slept with her husband”  Most people say “In my sleep”.

That's what happened to my aunt, 91, who lived next door to my mother.  Mom found her one morning, still tucked into bed, stone cold, and looking quite pleased with herself, having died in her sleep.  My aunt's  dining doom was stacked to the ceiling with gallon jugs that formerly held the wine she downed in heroic measure and she had only recently stopped her lifelong habit of two packs a day. 

This is the end we all hope we have coming. Wouldn’t we all like to live as we please, die in our sleep and be remembered as “one tough old bird”? 

I think that with a little preparation and a lot of imagination, life can be good right up to the end and afer that, I feel sure new adventures await us as the universe has a great recylcing program.  Conscious energy is never wasted, so wouldn't it be a good idea to stir up more conscious energy as we age? 

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