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The Birth of a Book

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Completion!  The day came at last and Tracey and I finished the book last week.  I say that with a heart full of pride and a bit of trepidation, for “finished” is but a stage in this journey, it seems.  There are a few reviews and edits to come, but we are cheered by seeing the manuscript all printed out and nestled in it’s binder, and I am determined to celebrate the moment!  Wine all around for our friends and readers please!

Our journey with the book began about four years ago when, exhausted by our efforts at caretaking for parents, children and friends,  but impressed with the tricks, facts and coping mechanisms we had amassed, Tracey and I began to say “We should write a book!” 

The intention took it’s time in brewing, but after about two years we planned a retreat at a friends condo in Florida-(thank you dear friend!) Here we rested, swam, gazed at the lovely horizon and took a breather from our busy lives.  We sat in the sun,  musing and chatting about our project and wrote not a word. 

Fear not, for, though we were very busy, the seeds were planted and began to take root.  A mere two years later, we met in New York City for a five day writing, talking and diagramming marathon where we nailed down the basics and made a start on the manuscript. 

Perhaps because we are both mothers and grandmothers, or maybe it is in honor of the thousands of babies Tracey has ushered into the world as a midwife, or possibly, it a coincidence—but nine months after beginning in earnest we are “expecting” our first book to appear in print! Look for it in September 2012. 

I am in love with our book and feel it has a lot to offer in the way of entertainment, information and companionship for anyone who has undertaken the caretaker’s role.  The book tells our stories and we give you all the details of how we coped so you can use the same resources we found helpful.

Finally, as we wrote, the planning bug bit us and we began to lay the foundation for our own later years—years of fun and fulfillment, if we have anything to say about it! Thank you dear friends and family all for the encouragement and light you have sent our way as we wrote and rewrote! 

Soon, we will be taking pre-orders for the book.  You will get a discount for jumping right on it and ordering soon.  You–and your friends and family, will  be among the first to get a copy of Hope I Don’t Die Before I Get Old.

Help us meet our goal of selling 5,000 books before publication and you will be enrolled in our life-long discount program.  That’s right, we are hard at work on our next books and you will get a discount on them as well!  Buy one for every member of your family, so you can be on the same page-we will even send you our custom set of page marking stickies so you can keep track of the information you find especially useful. 


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