How To Survive Old Age (Your Own or Someone You Love)

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We found there are many paths to graceful aging as we started to explore the road ahead.   In writing this book we hope to share what we have learned caring for our parents.  If it opens a new conversation about aging and that it sheds some light on the path for you, our fellow boomers, then we have done our job.  Our generation will be creating the new paradigm for aging as we go–we will be the inventors of a new way to age.  We plan to do it with style.


Mary Boone Wellington                       

Mary Boone Wellington began her entrepreneurial career as a sculptor, creating public art for international installations and transitioned to industry with the invention of LightBlocks.   The architectural polymer she patented in 2001 which is manufactured and marketed worldwide by her company Lightblocks inc. in Nashua NH.  In 2008 Wellington left the day to day management , becoming Chairman of the Board and Chief Inspiration officer to begin a career in writing.  Inspired by all she learned in caring for her mother as she aged, Wellington joined forces with her friend Tracey Bowman to write “Hope I Don’t Die Before I Get Old” as a guide and support for others bringing her organizational and creative talents to the issues facing us all as we, and our loved ones, grow old.  Wellington lives in Whitefield NH.


Tracey Bowman

 "I started my dream of being a midwife after having my first child at age 20 and have been privileged to witness the strength and power of women as they birth their babies. Working with families through life's many changes should have given me some magical power to do all necessary things for my parents. Instead I found myself struggling to learn what to do when, how to do it and often surprised by unexpected events." Tracey brings insight and humor to an exploration of strength and dignity at lifes’ other end. Tracey enjoys her three adult children and seven grandchildren and resides in Peterborough, NH.






















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