How To Survive Old Age (Your Own or Someone You Love)

About the Book

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We want to expand the conversation about successful aging to everyone with an audiobook version of our stories and caregiving tips.


“Hope I Don’t Die Before I Get Old” came out in print  last October, in ebook format in February 2013 and we began to plan for the audiobook version. 

Many people only listen to books these days and so many of our readers have turned out to be elderly folks, some of whom have trouble reading because of failing eyesight-we became more and more convinced the audible version of our book would be a great way to share our message that "Successful aging is achievable and there is great joy, satisfaction and dignity in the later years." 

Rosalynn Carter says:

“There are only four kinds of people in the world:
Those who have been caregivers, those who are currently caregivers, those who will be caregivers and those who will need caregivers”

My friend Tracey Bowman and I had an extraordinary experience of caregiving, not so much because it was unusual, but because it was, as it is for most caregivers, intense.  We decided to write a book to share all that we learned as we cared for our parents through their aging years.   We undertook the care of our parents with enthusiasm and love, but along the way we found that caregiving tries and tests the soul and temper in ways we could not have imagined.  We called each other to vent, to brainstorm, to laugh and to cry and to share all we had learned to make the road ahead a little easier for each other.

Hope I Don’t Die Before I Get Old is a new look at an old problem, bringing insight, humor and a few key facts about successful aging to everyone who wakes up one day to find their aging parents, or themselves, in need of some assistance and a bit of sage advice for the journey. 

Tracey Bowman and Mary Boone Wellington wrote their book while caring for their aging parents through chronic illness, fractured hips, surgery and even death. As each other’s support network, they shared secrets and discoveries, tips and advice–amassing a wealth of wisdom on the topic. Sharing this hard won knowledge with the people who need it is their mission.


What people are saying about the book:

It's Not Too Late! January 17, 2013
If you are seeking good advice on the challenges of aging and how to prepare for them, look no further; this book has it all. Learn how to make practical preparations for your own future, or that of someone you love, and avoid potential problems before a crisis arises. Bowman and Boone Wellington present their own stories with humor and sensitivity as they help us find our way.


In my 20 years of selling long term care insurance, I have seen many things. People just aren't prepared for their parents getting older or even thinking about themselves becoming weak and needing help. Not only is this book a witty example of one family's journey through "old", but a helpful guide for people who suddenly find their parents need help. My dad spent 5 years in a nursing home before he died. My mother, my brother and my sister-in-law tried their best to keep him at home for as long as they could. In the end, it was just too hard and created a lot of bitterness. Do yourself a favor. Buy this book. Have a few laughs and prepare yourself. Old age is coming for all of us and it's much more preferable than the alternative. A great read and a lot of helpful resources.


An outstanding and well written book! I particularly like Mary Boone's "Top Ten Tips for a Long Life." It shows her humorous side and is great advice for all of us.


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