How To Survive Old Age (Your Own or Someone You Love)

Bobcats in the road

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On the way to my chiropractor’s office yesterday I drove over a hill and saw something cross the road in front of me. My thoughts progressed rapidly from fox to cat to otter to what was that?! I slowed down and saw the back end of a robustly endowed animal, brown and furry loping off in the snowy woods. Again my thoughts jumped to tailless fox? No, too wide. Over grown cat? No, way too big. Fisher cat? No, still too wide and muscular looking. Then it stopped trotting in the snow, turned and looked right at me. Wow, that is a cougar! No silly, it is a bobcat!  Gazing at me was a magnificent face with big eyes and tufts of fur that flared out in every direction around his head. Hello beauty, I said to him, or her, thank you for crossing my path and being wild and free and surviving in NH. May you be blessed with a partner and many babies this spring. It turned and trotted away on strong legs, with his thick coat of multicolored brown fur gently shifting with every move and his bobtail bobbing.

Traditional Native American animal medicine says that the bobcat sign is a knower of secrets and a sign of patience, among other things as well. Please, Bobcat, tell me the secret of survival, of a long life, of a life of gratitude and joy. I will ponder this bobcat message for a while and if I find any answers I will let you know!

This picture was actually taken in Hancock, NH, not far from where I was driving. The one I saw had more hair on his ears and top of his head.


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