How To Survive Old Age (Your Own or Someone You Love)


What You Did Not Know About Aging:

The Essential Checklist For A Long And Fruitful Life

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First…The future is upon us!
The good news is that it might just last a very long time!

Advances in medicine have already extended life expectancies decades in our lifetimes and we will surely see big breakthroughs throughout the decades to come. Time to take stock, rethink and retool for the next half of your life.

Getting through this list and settling all the details for your entire future is not an easy undertaking. Harder still is facing the moment when the feelings of insecurity and uncertainty outstrip optimism and you just know, with a certainty, that you will have to put some sort of foundation or another in place to ensure a happy and healthy old age.

Tracey Bowman and Mary Boone Wellington, authors of Hope I Don’t Die Before I Get Old, found it took well over a year to address every point on their own checklist! After years of challenges with their parent’s elder years and writing this book about aging and caregiving, they vowed to make serious plans for their own futures. Should they be lucky enough to live a very long time, as so many of us are doing these days, they want to enjoy their good fortune based on a solid plan.

When they started neither of them had so much as a basic will in place! They used the buddy system, checking in from time to time with each other to share progress and offer encouragement. Most of these steps require a good long think about life and one’s particular circumstance. As Mary Boone said to herself “you are a grown up now and you can do it!” Tracey and Mary Boone advise you to take one step at a time and work your way through the list.

Your reward for all this hard work will be a very real sense of peace and contentment, knowing you have taken responsibility for your own happy future. Even if some of the realities you face are not as cheerful or abundant as you had hoped, knowing where you stand is empowering. You will be amazed at how much peace of mind will be yours as you check off each step.


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