How To Survive Old Age (Your Own or Someone You Love)

Love Living Longer – The Tour…

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Winter is getting old, not me–I am in the first blushing youth of old– “late middle age” as I prefer to call it.  The snow has lost it’s pristine charm, crackling freshly as I go out to play and has become a hazard of hidden ice ridges and lumps, crouching in wait for my snowboard as I wiz, (sedately) down the mountains. 

My thoughts are turning to summer, note I did not say spring, for spring in the North Country is a bait and switch game of tantalizing smells, ice on the crocus, black flies and, most of all –mud.  Most of us will do anything to escape mud season and the annual spring break camping trip to VA Beach is clear evidence of that.  Friends and family in the hundreds pack up the babies and rocking chairs and drive 13 hours south for a week of sunshine and relaxation in tents and campers of all sizes.  Call us nuts for hitting the beach in windy, often chilly April, but it is better, so much better than the bleak and leafless trees of home. 

This year I am extending the trip with a book and lecture tour.  Tracey and I are planning  to drive all over the US and will be hitting the road in “Little Bird” (see the Notes From the Road section of the web site for more about our lovely little base camp on wheels) in April.  We aim to meet our readers and get the word out about our book with a refreshing change of scene every day or so. 

Would you like us to visit your book club, women’s group or library for a book signing or a talk on How to Survive Old Age?  Our topics will range from -Coffee, Chocolate and Wine-Happy Indulgences that are Good for You to Financial Foundations for Longer Lives. 

We would love to meet you in person, so shoot us an email at  Now is the time to invite us to your town!  Our PR firm will get the word out to local and national media once you are in our schedule, and have tailored an event to your needs. 

Planning, musing and dreaming about our trip is keeping us fresh in the dark and cold depths of winter (it is snowing and blowing a gale even as I write.)  Much like reading seed catalogs inspires gardeners, we are getting out the maps and pins, plotting our course around the country.  Hope to see you out there! 


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