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Could it be this simple?

So many scientific advances, so little time to figure out your best strategy for living a long and fruitful life.  Isn't it everyone's dream to live long enough to wring every drop of fun out of life, to contribute all we can and then to die quietly, without pain, drama or undue fuss at the end?  Dr. David B. Agus has distilled years of research, practice and experience down to a few surprisingly simple rules to live by in this compact book of wisdom.  In A Short Guide to a Long Life Dr. Agus gives us guides for every age to prevent and correct poor practices and some very practical guidance on how to stick to our new rules.  I recommend this book to everyone who is planning to outlive their Christmas Cactus.  It is never to late!  Available in hardcover, Kindle or audiobook from Amazon. 



 coffee1Coffee, Friend or Foe?
     I use a Nespresso coffee maker that brews an excellent cup with a thick crema on top.  The coffee comes in individual pods that are easy to use and, even though they seem a bit pricy, there is absolutely no waste.  I drink up every last drop, it is so delicious.  Nespresso chooses from the top 3% of specialty coffees grown around the world and comes in a dazzling variety of flavors-regular and decaf.  You can see a variety of their machines and coffee at

When the cup is so rich and satisfying, I feel no need to over do it-perfect satisfaction comes my way every morning!  Half the fun is anticipation, so I drink a few cups of Jasmine tea and some ice water before I even get out of bed.  By the time I make my way down to the espresso machine, I an hydrated and ready to savor my first cup of coffee.

Coffee has been getting a bad rap for a long time.  Seems that some of the early studies showing a negative effect failed to adjust for a few little details–like smoking.  While they showed a definite correlation between coffee drinking and increased risk for heart disease, they failed to note that the riskiest among their study were also smoking along with their coffee.  

Once that little detail was sorted-coffee began it’s long road to a complete image makeover from culprit to hero. Now we hear all about how good coffee is for you, but the shadow of the old reports and recommendations still lingers.  

Consider your overall health picture.  If you have chronic health problems, please note that the tests and studies showing both the benefits and harm of coffee were done on healthy folks, people who do not have the challenges you may face.  

  As with all your indulgences, watch out for collateral damage.  Drinking your 3 cups a day with cream, sugar, flavored syrup and whipped cream might tip the balance of healthy beverage to outrageous treat!

Let me be clear-coffee is not for everyone and not everyone should drink three cups a day for their health.  If, however, after reviewing the facts, coffee turns out to be more of a help than a harm to you-I will be pleased to have brought the good news your way.  


Legal Shield-Worry Less

Do you have a backlog of legal details you just have not gotten around to yet?  I know I did.  There are some details that are a challenge to face, like, say–writing your will.  Tracey and I made resolution after resolution to get our wills updated and always found some very good and sensible reason not to finish the job. 

One very real obstacle is often the expense.  Even a “free”  online will winds up costing you something and that can often prove the last obstacle that tips you back into inaction.  I have found a solution to this kind of seemingly reasonable procrastination.  It is a service called Legal Shield and you can buy it from your independent insurance salesman.  

For $24.95 a month, you can get a local law firm to give you phone consultations for all your legal issues and answer all the dumb questions (to dumb to ask your regular lawyer at $125.00 a minute) like-”How do I get that berry dish my Aunt left to me in her will, but my cousins have still not sent to me?”  As the berry dish is probably worth $1.89, I am in no rush to fork over the cash for this kind of vital information.

Legal Shield sent me a welcome packet with handy forms for my Last Will and Testament, so that can be out of the way first thing!  They will answer any legal question and even take cases to court for you if needed.  The service comes with 60 hours of pre-trial advice.  I have asked questions from how to create a non-profit to what can I do to stop the Northern Pass from building new power line towers on my land. 

It is a great feeling to know I can go about my business with good legal advice for an affordable price and that I can say-”let me check with my attorney about that” without fear of a new bill in the mail. 

Go to for more info

FITBIT –I love it!

This nifty little bug clips to your shirt and keeps you informed of your activity level all day long.  If you have been moving, the digital flower on the face grows, if not, it stays small.  Click it for the lowdown on how many calories you have burned today, how many steps you have taken, how many flights of steps you’ve climbed.  It even offers words of encouragement along the way!  Wonder why you are so tired after watching your two grandsons all day?  Check in with your Fitbit to discover you have walked 10+ miles just chasing them around the house and yard!  It will even track your sleep, length and quality by tucking it into the little wrist band that comes with it.

I have been using mine for a week and find myself taking that last walk of the day just to round up my miles and calories burned.  You can easily log in your food and it will keep track of calories in and out.  There are guides and gages to help you gain or loose weight. 

The Fitbit site has great posts to keep you moving and encouraged. 
You can go to their site and compare your daily, weekly and monthly performance. If competition inspires you, collect a few friends from the Fitbit site or join a local Fitbit club and compare your scores. 

Some exercises do not register on Fitbit, for instance, I have to manually add my Stand Up Paddle Boarding time, but it is easy to do.

One bit of trouble–it is not waterproof!  I snatched mine out of the wash after a good tumble or two and it survived, but there are lots of stories on the fitbit site of tragic watery loss.  After one week, I feel so addicted I am considering purchasing a back up, just in case!

 This is one little gadget that is totally worth the price and learning curve.




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